Capulus are a new age melodic rock band from the UK’s South Coast. Their mission has always been to deliver a high octane performance to offer their audience an escape from their mundane 9 to 5 life and transport them to a world of headbanging mayhem.


Meet the band 

JV - Frontman

I have always loved music, ever since I was a child I was a part of a very musical family. My Grandfather is the Musical Director of two Barbershop/close harmony chorus’ and with the majority of my family being a part of them I too was sucked into this magical, musical world.  I was singing on stages in front of thousands of people all around the world from the age of 8 and from there the need to show off on stage has only grown. I am so thankful to have been able to start my musical career here at such an early age as it has allowed me to not only grow my confidence but also learn a lot about harmony and how it can be used in any form of music.


My love for Rock and Metal music came about a little bit later in my life when I was introduced to both Meatloaf and Alice Cooper by my Dad. I will never forget the first time I heard ‘Bat Out of Hell’ or ‘Poison’ in the kitchen played through our little CD Player. It opened the door to a whole new genre of music. At 15 I decided to pick up the guitar and give it a go and I never put it down. That Christmas my parents bought me and my sister an electric guitar starter pack and this is where the real obsession started. My daily routine would be; wake up, try to fit in some time to play the guitar, go to school (play guitar in the music room at lunch), get home and play guitar all night. I felt like there was no better way to express myself as a teenage boy than to play a crazy solo. It was around this time that I started jamming with Tom.


Tom and I had known each other since primary school but had never liked each other, but something changed when we realised that we had a lot more in common than we thought. We had the same musical taste, same desire to play guitar and the same dream to make it BIG. This is where the forged in fire friendship started, and has only grown ever since. Although the skipping school to jam and drink Irish coffee was cool, we knew we needed a band so at the age of 17 decided that’s what we would make. With Sean on the drums for a short stint and Toms brother Oli on the bass we played a bit but nothing came of it. A few line up changes later we played our first gig at my 18th birthday party.


Skip forward a few years and we found ourselves living in Plymouth which is where the real hard work started. I started out writing and recording music for my own personal ep entitled ‘Blindfold of Deceit’ which I released. I found that I didn’t have as much love for the folk style music as I did for the heavier stuff so knew that it was time to focus 100% on writing music with the band. We released an ep that we recorded ourselves called ‘Paradox Pt 1’ which was received very well. It offered us the springboard we needed to start making a name for ourselves. But like all things the time came to move on and out of sleepy Plymouth. We moved to Bournemouth, brought Sean with us and started holding auditions for a drummer. This was where we met the Italian Stallion that is Giacomo. Since then we have all had the fire in our belly’s that has brought us so many great things. We are now working on new material for the future and still chasing that dream.

Tom - Lead Guitar

I’m originally from Kingsbridge, Devon. Most of my family play or used to play musical instruments, and there’s always been something playing in the background in my family home and car (usually Ska or Punk). I had always wanted to be able to play guitar but never properly committed until I was 16. Before then I would borrow one of my dad’s guitars and play the Pulp Fiction theme tune, other than that it was something that I never truly committed to. All of that went out of the window when I was given an old HiFi system from the late 80’s/early 90’s and started buying cd’s of Avenged Sevenfold, Nirvana, Metallica, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin and many others. The main two bands that truly made me want to play guitar were Led Zep and Nirvana. After learning a few chords and messing around on a twelve-string guitar I started to write little tunes and began progressing further with more rocky riffs. I still only really played as a party trick at the start, but as time went on it became a complete addiction.

Josh and I started playing guitar together around the start of 2017, we would play with a couple of other guitarists our age and doodle around with a few covers from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hendrix. We would go back to my dad’s place on lunch breaks and after school and turn up our small amps as loud as we could. These slowly turned into writing sessions, which was really the start of where Capulus came from. We eventually learnt how to record music onto our laptops and began stacking layers to achieve a more thick and full sound. It was around this point that we brought Sean in to play the drums with us for a little while. My brother also briefly joined and played bass for a little while, as well as another friend of ours being the third guitarist. Throughout this time, I learnt how to write basic song structures and really began writing. It was on my 18th birthday that I was given my first guitar and a good practice amp – these two gifts really helped me excel and grow as a musician.
Each of us then went to university and effectively hit the pause button on playing together. This didn’t stop us from writing music and sending it over email between Josh and myself. We both really worked on our guitar playing at this point, learning leads and more complicated rhythms. From time to time I would come back home from Bournemouth and play the odd show with Josh, whilst we were back, we would be working on new music and jamming. After my second year finished, I moved to Plymouth for the year – this was when Capulus went back from being a duo a full band again. There was a lot of hunger and emotion at this point, driving us to finish up 8 songs and head straight to the recording studio in Plymouth University to record our album. Paradox Pt.1 captures a lot of what was going on back then, it was a great learning curve and taught me what it truly meant to be in a band. I’d say the highlight from this part of my life was playing the Food and Music Festival in Kingsbridge. We were suited up and blasting our new album out to the unsuspecting public! Luckily it went down very well. After this I moved back to Bournemouth to finish up my degree, travelling back and forth to play shows. The band from this period dispersed during my final year, but luckily, we brought in Sean as our new bassist and had an awesome drummer step in to help us out!

Once uni had wrapped up we all moved to Bournemouth, where we have been ever since. We met our epic new drummer Giacomo and have been writing, playing and recording as much as we physically can.
My main influences still come from my routes of Avenged Sevenfold, Nirvana, Metallica, Megadeth and Led Zeppelin; but I have discovered many more since then and have learnt more about the art of song writing rather than just playing guitar quickly and with flash. I hope to learn more about electronic synths and expand on what I can already do.

Giacomo - Drums 

I was born and raised in Sardinia (Italy), in a village named Villacidro. When I was 7 my parents decided to take me to Music School in an Association called Banda Musicale Santa Cecilia. There I entered the music world. I learned how to read music and started playing my first concerts at the age of 10. My very first instrument that I played with this Marching band was the Clarinet till the age of 14, when for medical reasons I had to leave it apart. I started then playing Percussions and Drums always with the Marching Band. 

I kept playing with them for another 3 years. In the meantime I played my very first gig as a drummer at school at the age of 16. I remember we played Highway star by Deep purple, and time by Pink Floyd. I had a practice room in my house where I spent a lot of time and used to invite friends over to play all the time. Till I had to go to university and when I did so I stopped playing for a few months as I was only going back home once a month. I left uni after two years (It was not for me) And worked near my village for one year. I could play the drums as much as I wanted again. Then in 2013 i left my country to come to the UK for the first time. I lived in Marlow for more than a year but over there i did not have much time to play also I didn’t have my precious drum kit with me but i was exercising with the pad. I then moved to London where I only lived there for two months and had the chance to have a jam with a band. I got back to Italy where I had to sort my health and after that I started to play again with Ska tribute band.  We played a lot of gigs with them but it wasn’t my genre and I was not working so I decided to leave my Island to go to Rome and do a master course in hospitality in order to start a career in something. I then started working in Florence for 6 months where I had a hell of a time but I did not perform anywhere, I only had two jams with a band there but no gigs. I then went back to Sardinia and stayed with my family for two months. Left my country again at the end of 2016 to come to Bournemouth and start working in customer service, after almost two years I bought my first electronic kit and got back playing as usual. Not long after I met the guys from Capulus and started playing with them and having a great time at every gig with them and we are growing together as a band and achieved so much in just over a year.




My influences are mainly hard rock /metal. Deep purple, Nirvana, iron maiden, Pantera, Halloween, mudvayne, coal chamber, slipknot, korn, soulfly, sepultura, system of a down, limp bizkit are the first bands i used to listen to. I also listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead, Massive attack, Periphery, Tesseract, Chon, polyphia, Animals as leaders, Lamb of god etc. 



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